It is our pleasure to introduce you to a new voice in the Southwest´s business community, The Ebony Cactus.
A full color magazine distributed free by subscription over the Internet, The Ebony Cactus showcases new and established businesses in Arizona, Nevada and Southern California to all who could use their services. With more than 1,500 pages of information posted (as of this writing), The Ebony Cactus is the largest free non-governmental online source of information on African American business in the Southwestern United States.

Published twice a month, The Ebony Cactus is a new concept Internet magazine. Created in PDF format, the magazine can be viewed equally well by both Macintosh and P.C. users. Hard copies made by the reader retain the exact format as seen on the screen.

What We Do:

Life Strategies Consulting & The Ebony Cactus magazine provide Training, Information and Strategic Solutions in:

* Human Resources
* Supplier Diversity
* Business Management
* Creating Opportunity
* Creativity & Innovation

to Minority Businesses & Fortune 1000 Companies through Cactus Radio, TEC Magazine, Seminars and ProServices resulting in VALUE through Knowledge, Innovation and Exposure.

Knowledge is "Information that can be used." The mission of The Ebony Cactus magazine and Life Strategies Consulting is to provide the knowledge that makes opportunity possible.

Innovation Creativity is a critical shared cultural value between minority communities and American business. Harnessing this growing pool of creative and unique thinking through the process of innovation will be the driving force for business opportunity and growth in the 21st century.

International Exposure & Access Thousands of minority and majority business leaders, professionals and owners read The Ebony Cactus magazine and will listen to Cactus Internet Radio

Who reads The Ebony Cactus?

Currently, the readership per issue is about 30,000. Most readers are in Arizona, California and Nevada, but we are also read in 45 states and 49 nations across the world.

* 100% use computers
* 100% use the Internet
* 51% have family incomes exceeding $50K
* 45% have family incomes exceeding $75K
* 72% hold a bachelors degree or greater
* 44% are small business owners

How do I receive The Ebony Cactus?

1. E-mail subscription
You may subscribe to the Ebony Cactus by either sending a subscription request to or by clicking the subscription link found at The latest edition will be sent to you twice monthly as an e-mail attachment. Note, the subscription list is for the use of TEC only. It will not be sold or distributed to any outside parties. There is no subscription cost.

2. Download from the web page
Archived copies of the most recent and past editions of The Ebony Cactus will be found at for download.

The Ebony Cactus magazine is published by Ebony Cactus magazine Inc., Staff:

CEO and Publisher: Angela Brooks
COO and Editor:George B. Brooks, Jr.
Marketing: Life Strategies Consulting
Sales Consultant: Susan Morris
Graphics/ Art Magazine: Dr. George Brooks Jr.
Photography: Angela Brooks, George Brooks, Jr., Pla Sowell
Webmaster: Karl Rothweiler
Proofing: Susan Morris
Contributing Writers-Phoenix: Floyd Alvin Galloway
Contributing Writers-Tucson: Terryl Mack

The Ebony Cactus magazine is published semi monthly through the Internet by Ebony Cactus magazine Inc. There is no subscription cost.

All Rights Reserved.

To Reach Us:
Mail: P.O. Box 24982
Tempe, AZ 85285-4982.
Phone: (602) 821-8191
Fax:(602) 437-8852



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